New Report on Impact of Sequestration

Under sequestration, federal funding for discretionary programs – including both defense and nondefense (called nondefense discretionary or NDD) – will face more than $700 billion in cuts over the next eight years.

In two years, NDD spending will equal a smaller percentage of our economy than ever before – if lawmakers do not act to replace sequestration with a more meaningful and comprehensive deficit reduction strategy.

The Advocacy Institute – sponsor of IDEA Money Watch – has joined with thousands of organizations to form NDD United and to create a new report on the impact of sequestration across programs that rely on discretionary federal funding, including federal funds to support the provision of special education services as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The report,
Faces of Austerity: How Budget Cuts Have Made Us Sicker, Poorer, and Less Secure

is available at NDD United.

Now, here’s what YOU can do:

Contact your members of Congress (two Senators, one House member) and tell them to put an end to sequestration and avoid any cuts to federal funds for IDEA.

Use Contacting the Congress to locate the contact information for your members and send your messages.

Our nation’s 6 million students with disabilities are counting on you!

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