Advocate/Activist’s Call to Action!

“Do you know what Sequestration is and what it is doing to your child’s right to a Free Appropriate Public Education?  It is imperative that you do. 

As an advocate considered to have advanced training, I say the following.  Lay, Education, Parent Advocates (we have many names) cannot advocate on a child by child basis without being an activist and fighting/lobbying to change the state and federal, rules, laws, policies, appropriations and attitudes that have continued to set the very lowest bar of expectations for our nation’s children with disabilities. We need to be in the thick of discussions at our state and federal level and as Ghandi so eloquently once said, ‘Be the change you want to see….’

So where am I going with my soapbox?  I am urging  each and every individual who believes in America, and what it once was, and what it must be, to use your voice, pen, email and person to put an end to ‘sequestration’, and before the second round of sequester cuts take effect in January 2014.  Sequestration, these slash and burn cuts across all federally funded programs is not the way to balance our budget or educate America’s children, EACH and EVERY ONE.

So hop on the the “Sequester Circuit.” Become a valued resource to education staff writers at your local and statewide newspapers, along with National Public Radio affiliates. Your voice, pen and presence matter.”

Marcie Lipsitt
Michigan Alliance for Special Education

Listen to Marcie’s interview on Michigan NPR

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