In accordance with federal requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE)  is required to make an annual determination of each school district’s status in implementing the purposes and requirements of Part B of the IDEA. This annual determination is based upon a review of each district’s data against the state targets established for performance and compliance indicators under the Kansas State Performance Plan.

KSDE assigns one of the following Levels of Determination (LOD) to each district: Meets Requirements, Needs Assistance Year 1, Needs Assistance Year 2+, Needs Intervention Year 1, Needs Intervention Year 2, Needs Intervention Year 3+ and Needs Substantial Intervention. A district’s Level of Determination is arrived at by examining two factors: 1) the number of current year Compliance Indicators where Substantial Compliance was met (SC), and, 2) the Level of Determination from the previous year (Prev LOD). Within each Level of Determination are criteria for the SC and Prev LOD factors.

The determinations for each Kansas school district are available here.

Note: This information was obtained through a request for public records. It is not available on the state’s dept. of education web site. IDEAmoneywatch thanks the Center for Law and Education for its assistance in obtaining this information.

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