MI LEAs all get PASSING grade!

The Michigan Dept. of Education has informed its school districts that all districts will receive a Meets Requirements rating for the 2007-2008 school year. These ratings are important because they are used to determine the districts’ eligibility to reduce local expenditures for special education when federal funds increase. (See What’s in a Rating for more information.) The memorandum is available here.

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  1. [...] Changing the determination ratings for LEAs. On this issue, Arne says  “I am concerned about States lowering their standards for these determinations, particularly since it enables LEAs that have not met previously established performance targets to reduce spending on special education.“We’ve posted information about states that have retreated from their existing criteria in order to provide LEAs with a “meets requirements” rating for the year that involves the Recovery Act funds. Among them are Illinois, Missouri and Michigan. [...]

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