States must make annual determinations of each local educational agency (LEA) within the state to assess the implementation of IDEA based on the district’s performance on the State Performance Plan indicators; validity and reliability of data timely submitted by LEA;  evidence of uncorrected noncompliance; and any audit findings. Ratings are one of the following: meets requirements, needs assistance, needs intervention, needs substantial intervention. These ratings are important because the rating determines the LEA’s eligibility to utilize the IDEA provision that allows districts to reduce their local level of expenditures on special education (See Q9 for details).

Minnesota has given a “Needs Assistance” rating to the following 17 school districts (all others have received a “meets requirements” rating for the 2007-2008 school year):

1.    Centennial
2.    Red Lake
3.    Mankato
4.    Chaska
5.    Moorhead
6.    Farmington
7.    Wayzata
8.    Mahnomen
9.    Worthington
10.    White Bear Lake
11.    Northfield
12.    Nett Lake
13.    Forest Lake
14.    Winona
15.    Monticello
16.    Renville County
17.    Hope Community Academy


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