The Virginia Dept. of Education (VDOE) has responded to the IDEAmoneywatch FOIA request for the ratings of its school districts for the 2007-2008 school year,  indicating that every district in the state has received a “meets requirements” rating. This means that all of VA’s school districts are eligible to utilize the IDEA provision allowing local districts to reduce local special education expenditures by up to 50% of the increase in non-local funds received from one fiscal year to the next. (See FAQs, Q9).

According to the VDOE reply, the state made its district determinations “using the same criteria used by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) for individual state determinations.” “These OSEP criteria for a “Meets Requirements” determination for states are: 1) data being reported by a school division in a timely and accurate fashion; 2) no school division having any financial audit findings that need to be addressed; 3) no school division having any outstanding compliance issues being addressed by the VDOE; and 4) school divisions being in substantial compliance (95%) compliance with certain compliance indicators or having fully corrected previously identified noncompliance.”  The compliance indicators selected by VDOE for its determinations are Indicator 11 – Part B eligibility, Indicator 12 – Part C to Part B eligibility, Indicator 13 – Transition Goals. See the VDOE State Performance Plan for more information.

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